Strange Laws.


Does people go to any extent to get that 3 minutes of fame on TV?. Recently  a ‘not so popular’ Godman was arrested for fraud and rape in Kerala. This made another guy in the same profession working on God domain sad as he was not getting his share of airtime. So he went on to get a gun from the attic, called up the press and the cops, paid a woman to scream and staged a drama to get some attention. And he got it. Big time. The video of this guy trying to suicide was all over the news. I am not sure why he did that, most of channels airing the video did not even know this guy’s name and they referred to him as ‘Godman’.  But then it was entertaining.


My reason for writing this post is not to discuss on why he did it. He might be awfully insane. But on why he was left off, after wasting tax payers money (which pays off the police force)… police time on him. And on why he was left off on bail after endangering the lives of the people around him ? Strange.


This also reminds me of Harbhajan- Sreesanth issue, why was Harbhajan not charged for assault by the police? If I give Sreesanth a tight slap, will I be only banned from ‘watching’ a few IPL matches?





  1. About the harbhajan issue, it was sreesanth who didn’t lodge a complaint…so that was the reason.
    About the godman I don’t know why, but it was likely the police were bribed!

  2. I was not aware that something like this happened. Thank God I am not watching TV now a days. Phew!!!

  3. Nita,
    Still I think even if someone is not lodging a complaint, they should be taking initiative to such an incident. Did Sreesanth complain to the cricket board? I dont think so, but still Harbajan was banned.

    Its good not to watch tv. it sucks big time now.

  4. TV would be pretty boring to watch without these people…

  5. Vijay,

    Thats true. the news channels are pretty more interesting than all those panchvi pass sez fail…

  6. Xylene, banning from ‘watching’ IPL matches is much threatening punishment than anything other. 😀

  7. Suda,
    is it so? I was thinking the other way. there is no punishment that watching the IPL without cheerleader in ‘ ‘ clothes

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