A major Indian newspaper steals a blogger’s photograph!!


A fellow blogger’s picture was ripped off from her blog and used in a National Newspaper. You can read the complete post at here.

This is not the first time,  another blogger also faced the same issue from a local weekly. 



  1. Thanks Xylene. Its important that we bloggers stick together. The more people who write about this the better. Hopefully by monday or tuesday HT might respond. If they don’t I guess I will have to complain to the press council.

  2. […] since we’re talking about the Hindustan Times, I recently discovered from Xylene’s blog that the Hindustan Times had published one of Nita’s pictures which she had published on her […]

  3. Nita,
    we are with you.

  4. Being an employee in a newspaper I know that this is not an isolated incident. It is bad if they haven’t yet responded to her queries and they do owe he an apology a really bug one at that!

  5. Balu, Its bad indeed. lets give them some time.

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