I am sick of electronic money.

I am sick of electronic money.

Last time I was charged twice when I swiped my card at a retail shop in Kochi. I got just one slip as reference for my transaction but I was charged twice.Then it’s a game of tennis between the merchant and the bank, and I would be the ball.  The bank told me that my money is with VISA. The merchant told me that the he didn’t get any.I got my money after 45 working days (more than 2 months) with no interest paid. 

Once I booked two tickets with KF Airlines, they charged me thrice; however they didn’t claim it and the bank treated the transactions as void after I made 12 calls and sent 5 emails to the customer care.


Recently I booked a ticket with IRCTC, they charged me thrice (Two times after the payment, the IRCTC site went down saying ‘Service Unavailable’). IRCTC refunded the money back to my credit card. But the bank is not returning the service charge they levied from me.They say the transaction was successful for them and there is a charge for it. I am sorry, I didn’t get that. I did a transaction online which is void, which even the back accepts yet I will be charged for it? 

Now this is like I will be taxed even if I don’t get a car. Look at this hypothetical situation. I book a car and they cancel my order because of obvious reasons say, I am brown. But I still have to pay the tax applicable. 

What????And they say customer is king. A king who has to pay taxes and service charges? 

I am sick of electronic money.


  1. I am surprised at your experience. I have never had such an experience with electronic money. But now I am suspicious. I wonder if I have been over charged but don’t know about it!

  2. yups i would agree with Nita….
    i love the electronic money and the convenience it brings (provided it does not push u into credit card debts)

  3. @Nita, Ankur
    I agree with you guys. Even I didn’t know that I was charged twice at the retail shop… I used a debit card then… and after checking my account summary a month later I saw a figure being deducted twice. That sent out the alarm.

    It would be advisable to check your summary every week. Also it’s advisable to use direct debit for IRCTC bookings.
    Also if the shopkeeper uses the card twice, warn him.. If he says that its okay, make sure you get the bill and the slip and constantly check your account.

    I was praising electronic money ever since I started using it. The convenience and the ease of use is okay, but there is a hidden risk ! I was a victim.

    For KF, they didn’t claim the void trasactions, so the credit card company gave the money back to me.
    But for IRCTC, they claimed it and then they returned it. So I have to pay the service charge applicable because its a valid transaction to them.

  4. hmmm one reason I love my ING vyshya debit card, it has maestro and not VISA!

  5. @balu
    yeah maestro is good, but the only problem i faced with it at small towns is that some shops dont have the key pad to enter the pin, they support just visa. (Once I had to walk to the nearest ATM, withdraw money and pay it at the counter 😦 )

  6. Seriously? I dint know that! wow strange! 😛

  7. And even worse is they charge you for using card (debit and credit, visa or non visa) for purchasing electronic items.
    I am surprised because, there is already a bank directive for the merchants not to ask the the customers to pay a service charge if they use cards.


    But the merchants still ask u to pay the service charge. All this and worse experices is making me go back to the old way of buyin things. using paper cash !!

  8. Nice template.. but why a change?

  9. ya i went with a friend of mine recently to buy pen rive.. he asked for 10 bucks extra when we flashed a card!

  10. @ balu,

    well frankly speaking, i was just checking some new templates, and whack ! this template was applied and I dont know how to revert back !!!
    So decided to keep it ! 🙂

  11. wow…very sad. the credit card industry in India needs to grow up. such fraudulent practices won’t help them ever. You should get all your money back,incl. the service charge.Not your fault at all.

  12. I hate credit cards. They suck the money and blood from the customer. There is no service but they take lot of service charge. There is no care but they have something called ‘customer care’.

  13. Hi. I am Jimmy from Bangalore Mirror and I was wondering if we could take your post for our Blog Talk column. Waiting for your reply…

  14. No wonder you are frustrated. There are few things that we are not supposed to do while making an online purchase. After you press the submit button, never click on refresh or back or forward buttons. If you feel that the screen is frozen, close the window and call your bank to find if the transaction was successful. If it is not, try again otherwise call the site operator to find the status of your booking.

    If you already knew this, ignore it 🙂

  15. @balaji,
    Nope. I dint use refresh button or back button.
    If you have ever tried booking a ticket with IRCTC, you would be with me on this 🙂
    half of the time the site would be down, and the rest of the time the site would be down.
    I booked my onward journey ticket and it worked perfectly. But not with the return ticket (2 times)

  16. I am sure the transaction would not happen twice if you press the submit button just once….

    Anyways.. you were unfortunate that it happened to you.

  17. @balaji,

    In case of credit cards, they take us to a third party vendor like citibank….and the approved page also was shown. However after clicking on submit it went to error page.
    Well, noone is safe. 🙂

  18. I was filling up fuel in my car on airport road Bangalore, when the attendant swiped the card twice. I had a sick feeling that i was charged twice, made sure to check my balance at the nearest atm , i was relieved only when i verified it with my previous balance. After this i think i am also sick of electronic money. In india the system has to improve cos if u lose your money , i think there is almost no way of gettng it back. I appreciate KF arilines for having refunded the twice swiped trnasaction.

  19. @hari,
    yeah, but I still use electronic money as it also depends on the merchant.. In bangalore its clean as the connections are always up and did not face such a problem.
    may be they are imporving.

  20. Possible Reasons :

    1 People are not aware of laws that protect their rights as Credit card owners

    2 Merchants + Banks + Card providers are taking it for granted that no customer in India, is going to sue them for charging double

    3 Our customer care people have lot of other stuff to do @ office, but not helping the customer

    4 We teach them that customer is the king and they behave in such a way that they are emperors

  21. I have booked ticket from Chennai central(MAS) to Thane(TNA) on 13-Nov-2008, by giving my ICICI credit card number and CVV number. I am very much sure that I have approved payment only once by giving my CVV number. I also received the confirmation with the PNR-Number 420-2430523. Journey date is 10-01-2009 11:45 AM, MUMBAI EXPRESS. Rs. 762.00-/-

    Then later I checked my Booked ticket option to take printout and found it shows 2 extra tickets booked with some other different PNR numbers, with 2 different coaches and my credit card was charged 3 times totally. Rs. 762.00 * 3 = 2286-/-

    Transaction ID PNR Number
    0076351064 4202430523 -This is the ticket generated first time and I received the successful transaction confirmation.

    Let me know how it is possible for IRCTC to book tickets for the same train and same passengers three times. I filled only one form and got the confirmation only once. Credit card and CVV number is confidential and how they can use it 2 times extra without my knowledge. How they get information for next two times to book tickets for the same train and same passenger details. According to me all the information given first time should be deleted from their cache memory once the first ticket is alloted. But when I called Customer support of Chennai IRCTC they told its your banks mistake they have released the fund 3 times for the same train and IRCTC will book the train tickets how many times they are releasing the fund (This concept is wrong, My ticket information should be deleted immediately from their temporary memory once the first ticket is alloted and it should not allow to request fund for the second time). And also they told if I want I can cancel the other two ticket where I have to bare Rs. 40 per ticket. Come on guys First my credit card was charged thrice without my knowledge and I have to loose my money by canceling my tickets? We called ICICI customer care, they told us that they received the request for 3 times for the fund so it was released thrice and we requested our bank to escalate this case and they have done it. I have already send an email to IRCTC regarding this and not yet received any reply.

    This issue is very serious and I am not sure when they return my money back 762 * 2 = Rs. 1524,

    The below tickets are generated automatically which I have not approved.

    Transaction ID PNR Number
    0076351563 4514871166
    0076352090 4402430637

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