My friend and the chicken.

This Saturday I went off to meet one of my old friend from school at ‘The Forum’ Bangalore. Since my wife is not around for the weekend I thought of getting in touch with my old friends, renew friendship, talk about ol’ times and have fun.

The meet was pretty good at the crowded mall, that we ended up taking the Capuchino from Coffee day to the top floor. We relaxed on the steps near PVR (if you have been to forum you would know exactly where). We talked, cracked some jokes and began talking about ol times.

Time flew and it was raining heavily outside. Thinking about how to get home as I had taken ma bike, we thought of killing some time at Star Bazaar, so that I could buy something for dinner.

The smell from the tandoori counter made ma body tick, my legs click and the hands clap. For the people around might have wondered that I am seeing food for the first time. Well I was hungry, my wife is not at home and my cooking sucks. What would a hungry man do? Buy the chicken!

I bought a half tandoori chicken, wrapped in aluminum foil, and the Star Bazaar cover.

We walked out only to find that its still raining.

Man you would get drenched.” My friend suggested.

I wont care, but I want to save my chicken” I said.

Oh. Guess you should wait a while longer” he said.

No, the Chicken is calling”

With quick bye-bye’s I was off. I thought about Nikhil’s irritation of getting drenched in the rain. But all I wanted was to save the chicken. Bangalore traffic is bad, its worse when it rains. After 30 minutes of rain, water splashing, 4 signals, 20 auto rickshaws cutting me off, me swearing at each one of them, 3 BMTC buses blocking my way …finally I reached home. Wait a min I made all that up, all I could think of was to save the chicken from the notorious rain.

I reached home fully drenched (you can find the rest of the description in Nikhil’s blog 😀 ). The fresh currency notes from the ATM (oh it lost the scent), my Moto Rokr, everything was wet.

My phone was working all right, I put on some dry clothes. The phone rang, there was one unread message. It was from my friend.. thinking about his concern and how he valued our friendship I was happy.

I opened the message. It read .

Is the Chicken Safe?



    Good one, man! Was the chicken safe in the end? Did you get to savor its juicy taste? Please say Yes! I hate to think that you’d go thro all that trouble, like I did, and you didn’t get to eat the chicken in the end! 😀

  2. i am sure the message was about u

  3. Nikhil,
    hah yea..
    u do have a twisted mind. 😀
    may be yea. haha.

  4. Nikhil, yea the chicken is safe and sound. I had a great dinner yest.

  5. ha well friends are ever 🙂

  6. :)) if u find this twisted, then wait till you see my nasty ones

  7. Haha, nice. Clever friend, that.

  8. Wow, cool! Congrats! I am so happy for u!! 😀

  9. Vishesh,
    we are good friends for ever !
    nasty ones?
    yea ma friend clever 😀
    yea after all the pain, I wudnt just let the chicken wash away in the rain.. wud I?

  10. Ooooooooooo boy! This was ROTFL funny! 😀

    PS Hope the chickens saved!! 😛

  11. When I was a kid, I was once carrying tonic bottles from hospital. I remember stumbling and falling. I heard my mother’s scream from back, “Are the bottles safe?” Miraculously, bottles were safe. But I retorted back angrily to my mother, “you have no worries about my knees, all you are worried about the tonic bottles?” I remember my mother laughed in amusement. She gave a silly reason, ” medicines cost!” I have never forgotton the incident, I still regale my pm with the memory.

    Within friends, it is not so surprising to have such queries. 🙂

  12. The scene is very similar to what happened in LOTR. Gandalf asking Frodo – Is it safe?? Is it secret?
    *with the technological advances thrown inbetween, of course* 😀

  13. Nova, the chicken is safe.
    Poonam, yea… once one of ma friends had a minor accident, he was using another friend’s motorcycle… and he called us soon after the accident….
    the second friend’s first reaction was : ‘what about the motorcycle’
    There was silence at the other end.
    I have not watched LOTR.. being a movie crazy guy, still i ahvnt watched that movie. i must get the dvds…….

  14. Hi. I am Jimmy from Bangalore Mirror. Was wondering if it would be okay for us to take this post in tomorrow’s edition. Please let me know… Thanks 🙂

  15. Hey jimmy sure.

  16. You haven’t seen LOTR?? 😯
    *Faints and falls with a loud thud*

  17. Amit,
    *sprinkles some water on amit’s face*
    NO !
    *Amit faints again*

  18. hahaha…

  19. ….renew friendship…..
    you must be a software engineer 😀

    Thank god for chicken (or thanks the carry bag and foil 😛 )

  20. Suda, I could be a librarian too. 🙂

  21. LOL…. funny…

  22. All that for a chicken u must be a real foodie 😀

  23. Vijay,
    Balu, I love food.

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