How to topple a government? By An Idiotician.

How to topple a government?

By An Idiotician.

Important notice : You can use this against your own government, your people and more importantly against your country.

  1. The best part of toppling a government is the crores of money we lose when we have to go for elections ahead of schedule. What the hell, its tax payers fund anyway.

  2. Another good part is the coverage we get on TV. Wow I can say this, that and everyone will come around with microphones asking about something, errr Nuclear Deal what was that? I always reply that ‘Its against the interest of the country’ hehe, well its against my interest, I mean who cares about the country?

  3. Now for the toppling part, lets get all our MPs from Jail first. Wait a minute, one of us is in Jail for murder. No problems, we can get him on bail for the confidence vote, or is there a Vote from Jail option? I will start that provision once our government comes to power.

  4. What he is sick? Bring him down in an Ambulance… What??? he is abroad on a surgery? Get an AIR AMBULANCE. This is national emergency, we need to get the government down.

  5. What? Economy will suffer? Dear, I have plenty at my wife’s estate house. She has hidden it deep under. So much for economy.

  6. Inflation? What is that?

  7. Get every friend, foe anything which walks on 2 legs to support us.

This idiotician wanted total anonymity when he gave the above 7 points. I think he deserves it as he was very honest in what he said above.


  1. lol,it is so stupid,idiotic and everything else that i cant do anything else but laugh 🙂

  2. Shoot them down! All they do is make life miserable! Install the Rajahs again! 😀

  3. haha…
    “What? Economy will suffer? Dear, I have plenty at my wife’s estate house. She has hidden it deep under. So much for economy.” Nice one. Love your writting. Keep making us laugh.

  4. Good one 🙂

  5. Good one 🙂

  6. will sitaram yechuri please stand up. I hope i have not sinned by naming people here. 😛

    some people are like that and they will never understand the true need of the country.

  7. There are quite a few ‘specialists’ in this field…like Mr.K.Karunakaran, Achuthanandan, Jayalalitha…

    Some of them are free noe…like Karu’ji’…always ready for help…PS: Conditions apply!:)

  8. Lovely Lovely!!!!

  9. Hilarious and tragic at the same time!! One can laugh or bawl!!
    And your term “idiotician” is something that should now go down in the webster’s dictionary as a slang word for politician!

  10. Funny post. Tragic events!

    Like Nikhil says, shoot all of them down. Enough of the democratic crap!

  11. Vishesh,
    haha, laugh on, but those guys are having the last laugh.
    Yeah, or treat them with Scorpia’s new knock knock joke… That should teach them. 😀

    🙂 thanks

    Reema, Dinu

    The idiots wont.

    haha Karnukaran… Mr Leader. 😀 he is of different breed.

    Tragic, yes !! 😀
    I hope webster community is listening. 🙂


  12. @Xylene: Well said…. its pathetic !!!!

  13. Too Good! Too Good! :))

  14. vijay, anshul, sakhi,

  15. as nikhil said
    all these people are Rascals!
    instead of 1 raja we have 570 therein lies the problem
    and its the govt that’s desperate and therefore throwing the notes at the mps this time!

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