Who wants to be a Comic Book Hero?

There is a new (to me tho) TV show that I watched yesterday evening. I was tired from work and decided to watch something other than FRIENDS( I been sitting and watching FRIENDS DVD collection for one week now. NON STOP). I needed a break ! 

So tuning into Star World I got into some real fancy world. The show was titled Who wants to be a Super Hero?. And there was oversized, slim, thin, fit, people in fancy Superhero costumes. They looked more like ‘In circus’ to me. Well its not just the costumes and the funny dialogues that they kept ‘delivering’ that kept me glued to the channel, but also the ‘tasks’ they were asked to perform to prove themselves as a superhero….


One of the tasks included helping an old lady who was locked out of the house, the ‘Super Heroes’ has to find their way through the back door of the house and unlock the front door for the old lady. Seems pretty simple, not when you see two ferocious dogs in the backyard !!!


Well they put all the safety dress to go forward with the task. But then it was real scary ( I am scared of dogs or rather I hate them . Chandler Bing hate dogs too. ( I guess I am watching too much FRIENDS now).


But the way some of them finally managed to get to the door after being pulled down, bitten (they have protective coats of course but it was helping them so little to stand up and walk to the door).


Then the anchor (who only appears in a TV, like the Charlie in Charlies Angels, Yeah the difference would be that he is only on the phone/radio) gives them new costumes, eliminates one at each round and blah blah………..all that is part of a reality show.


The show is like a cartoon and to make ‘your’ or rather the contestants fantasies being a super hero come true. I call this show stupid. I guess people are running out of ideas to start reality shows


But if you really want Super Heroes like “Monkey Woman”, “Fat Momma”, “Major Victory” to save the world you should watch the show.


Official Web Site http://www.nashentertainment.com/television/superhero2/

Wikipedia Says this show was first aired in 2006, it has survived for two seasons now.


Schedule : Star World Tuesdays 2300

 Read this on American Inventor


  1. Oh god.. am fed up these reality shows….. they are just to wacky and for sadists

  2. psst me staarted a new blog.. chck it out wen u et time

  3. thanks for adding me on ur blogrol! =)

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