World’s cheapest car upsets environmentalists

 World’s cheapest car upsets environmentalists”… Okay. What doesn’t upset them?  The middle class family dream is here. But then it upsets the environmentalists. But I don’t think we should care.  Take a look at the carbon dioxide emissions around the world

Total carbon dioxide emissions

106 Tons of CO2 per year:

  • United States: 2,790
  • China: 2,680
  • Russia: 661
  • India: 583
  • Japan: 400
  • Germany: 356
  • Australia: 226
  • South Africa: 222
  • United Kingdom: 212
  • South Korea: 185

So if our middle class is all set to roll out their small, affordable car, let them. 

Mr Environmentalist, The car is not for sale yet. Lets wait till the car hit the stores… then on the roads and see how the above figure is going to change drastically. If it does, I will update this post.   Thanks


  1. //
    So if our middle class is all set to roll out their small, affordable car, let them. /

    Atleast after this, our government would be forced to lay good roads. wouldn’t they? 🙂

  2. yes they will have too. well I am not paying tax for nothing….
    We just cant blame the tata car for the upcoming/existing problems in infrastructure.

    When I take my vehicle from ma home state to karnataka, I am forced to pay tax here too. (so thats like double tax). And in return I get bad roads and huge traffic.

    So let the govt start building new roads……

  3. and mind u.. the emission is above 500 in India because of our over dependence on coal for power.. most of north India still receives electricity from thermal power plants… so if they want to reduce carbon emission set up a few nuclear plants and get rid of the thermal ones thats all!

  4. exactly. The scooters and the autorickshaws pollute more than this car anyway.

  5. Haha…I was searching for a post of this sort. 🙂 I’m not surprised by the findings. US is no. 1 even when it comes to using other resources of the world. I think it uses 60% of the world’s resources and the remaining countries make do with the remaining 40%.

    Disclaimer: I’m an Indian, but currently in the US.

  6. Many auto giants have attempted the feat and have given up. The reasons range from non-viability to not enough market to non-profitability and on and on. Tatas deserve credit for their unfaltering commitment and the will to see it thru to fruition. Kudos to Tatas on the Nano.

    It is pseudo riteous and myopic to cast aspersions on the Nano. Arm chair pundits looking down from their airconditioned high rises dole out advices : “Take my advice, I don’t adhere to it anyways..”. If a single passenger drives around in a big truck that could tow your home (a commonplace in the US), Nano is not bad.

    US is a major carbon polluter, but they are also the biggest champions of the fight against it. I would not want India to use it’s current carbon levels and that being less than the US as an excuse. India and China’s carbon emissions will only go up and we are doing little to check it. We ought to do more; just that doubting Nano’s good to the Indian middle class is not the way..

    Caveat: I’m an Indian, but currently in the US.

  7. @Ruhi,
    Thanks for the comment
    yeah I got really pissed with the way the critics treated the car. I mean we may be polluting, but this is another car into the market among the hundreds being added to the road. why cant they just treat it that way?

    How far can we pollute with the 40% resources we have?? 😀

    @ Athreya,

    Thanks for the comment. You are right.
    I am not saying that we shud not control our pollution level. But all the outcry against the nano is not going to help. lets build more pubilc transportation, get the polluting autorickshaws and cars out of the road first.
    And let our middleclass ride their dream car home.

    Disclaimer : I am an indian, live in India and aint got a car (am polluting the environment less) 😀

  8. no my point i shudnt TATA be making an eco friendly car which might inspire other companies to drop their petrol engined beasts?

  9. PArking kidar karogeee???

  10. Completely agree. I don’t think we are anywhere close to the amount of pollution or the #-cars per capita in US or anywhere else!

    Both the developed and developing countries have to work together to reduce pollution. Double standards (pollution in say US but expecting no cars in India) will not work.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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