Power outage and Me.


Since our home in Kerala is in the middle of a thottam (roughly translated as in the middle of nowhere or rubber plantation), we have frequent power outage. Either a silly rubber tree would fall on the lines snapping it or the Electricity board will switch off power if there is heavy rain and thunder(and in Kerala we have 8 months of rain, where 3 months its continuous). So you can imagine how much time is left to have full time electricity supply. No you can’t, because during the summer season, since the water level is low at dams, we have load shedding during nights. On a good day they shed load for 30 minutes in our area which is, well not bad.

But sometimes it gets worse when the KSEB employee forget to switch it back on and then we have to get an influential person, which happens to be my neighbor who is also in the police to call them (names) and request(threaten) to turn it back on.


Once I got a job and moved out, I used to visit my home only twice a month, and that’s when I get frustrated with the frequent power cuts. My dad used to make fun of me, saying that I bring ill luck, because it’s only when I come for visiting the power cuts happen. Rest of the days they do have UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).


I think he is right, because somedays when I press the calling button or when I come closer to it, I can see the lights going off inside! Yes it’s another power cut. Sometimes when I call my parents over the phone, the power goes off at their place.

It’s got to be me. I am ill luck as far as the Kerala State Electricity Board is concerned.


My brother also agrees with my Dad on this. He says it’s me. If I stop visiting on weekends, may be he can enjoy his cup of chai with a movie. If I come home, he can just enjoy the chai with no movie.


During rainy seasons it okay as the weather is cooler, but during the summer, without power is like hell. Its difficult to sleep in a sweaty bed and everyone curse me for coming home ! L


And I believed them.


Once my brother came to Bangalore for a visit. We went out for shopping the whole day, and when we were shopping at THE FORUM, the power went off at the Shopping mall. My wife recalled how the power at Spencer Mall in Chennai went off when we visited there once.


When we came back the power was out at our place.

That was the first time since I came to Bangalore the power was out for such a long time. I cursed myself. Or is it our combination, me and my brother that bring ill luck to the BESCOM (or Bangalore Electricity company) ? He insists it’s still me. I did not try changing his mind; well all odds were against me.


That’s when he went to the US. His week at the hotel went smooth and I occasionally call him over google talk or voip.

Yesterday I called him over voip and the line was not connecting. Funny,I thought and send him an email instead.


This is the reply I got.


“The power was out here for the entire day, some truck hit the power station at the hotel and they took all day to fix it, the phone lines were out too”


Either it’s me or it’s the combination.


Or is it him? J I would love to believe its him.


  1. Ohh don’t blame him, it you 😛

    Ok may be you are not.

    or may be its just co-incidence.

    or may be your wife has something to do with this. (Don’t try telling her this though!!!)


  2. frankly – what i think is that it runs in the family 😉

    u people should be given free housing in places where there is max power theft – may be it will solve the power problem after all

  3. hey xylene, you are zinxed! 😛 😛 Take care buddy and please never, ever visit ahmedabad! 😛 😛 don’t want the power cuts here too! Even if you think its not because of you, why take a chance! 😛 😛

  4. It is the combination for sure….

    In fact you can call it Kismat DisKonnection 😉

  5. LOL ……………. its you !

  6. You are the man !!!!!!!!

  7. Hehehehe oh wow! Do not let the Kerala Electricity Board find it out 😛

  8. Hahaha! pls dont come anywhere nearby me , ok! 😛
    ha n we use to have 30 min powercut here also n its like i wont shut my mouth for a single sec in this half hour! so u btr dont come anywhere here!

    btw there may be some kinda specila charges on ur body!that leads to power failures u see! 😆

  9. Xylene, 🙂
    You know this reminded me of the time when I used to travel by train frequently with my friends and whenever they were with me the train was late! Every time!! Luckily nowadays I don’t use the train much…perhaps that’s why their timings have improved! 🙂

  10. No dude, its you! it’s all you! Like me, you’re coming dangerously close to being God’s own Comedy Show! 😀
    (Dark Humor, no puns intended!) Hehehe!
    Good to know someone else is as clueless as I am in life! 😀

  11. LOl.. @ sometimes it gets worse when the KSEB employee forget to switch it back on

    Btw, it used to happen to me also. During my engineering, whenever I used to visit my home, that day used to have longer duration power cuts..

    Murphy in Action 🙂

  12. Haha, please don’t come to my city then, we already have like 6 hours of power cuts everyday. 😛

    Or wait, did you or your brother visit Punjab lately? Maybe your brother flew over it on his way to the States? Now we know why we’ve been having power cuts. It’s him! 😛

  13. Suda,
    Thanks for making my life miserable. I was starting to believe its not me ! 🙂

    Haha I seriously think yes. 🙂 Free housing? that s a good idea.

    I think yes, I have never been to Ahmedabad. Thanks for not inviting.:(

    Thanks man.

    I know 😦

    I dont know about the charges, but some say I emit positive energy. May be it got something to do with that.
    Haha, so I am not alone. You are good with the railways. I am with KSEB. 🙂

    I am cornered. I aint got no clue man, I think there is some conspiracy !
    Thanks God, I meet someone who is going through this difficult phase in life.
    I did have plans to come to Punjab this year for a holiday. But I changed my mind.. So you can tell the people of Punjab that they will have UPS.

  14. aha I am forwarding this post to Yeddi so he has someone to blame for all the powercuts in Bangalore -_-

  15. Balu,
    Pleeeezzzzz ! Dont !!!!! 🙂

  16. u may be the power ppl…. u shd come to power….[;)]

  17. Oh its the combination of u and ur brother. Both of u make up some strong electromagnetic field and there is a power outage 🙂

  18. No offence – but please don’t come to my home – I am having enough troubles already

  19. 1. Don’t ever come near my house and my electronics…ever.

    2. If its the combination, ask him to start a blog at WP. Their servers should go down.

    3. Can you both diffuse bombs by going near them…coz. if you people can, the country needs you.

  20. lol…very funny…Power cut in US :D…

    I exactly carried the same kind of ill-luck..Guess what, there was a power failure at the time I was born…bu somehow from the past few months everything seems to be alright..there wre no power cuts again. 😀

  21. Moukound,
    Welcome to my blog… Thanks, see you have the confidence in me.
    Yeah I emit something like a positive energy. 🙂
    haha, I wont take that as offence. I am not coming.
    1. NO I WONT.
    2. I will ask him.
    3. Haha, the latest BOMB disposal unit? I would make some money there.

    Oh you are born with the gift. I got it during my teenage. 🙂

  22. Conspiracy, huh? Hmmm… Never thought about it from that angle! Hehehe! 😀

  23. hmmm.. you dont seem to be very lucky when it comes to electricity…you some sort of a pinch?? 🙂

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