Hike and Double Standards.

The petrol price in Karnataka is the highest in INDIA ! With the City of Bellary charging a whooping 58.78/litre, and Bangalore is not far behind with 58.47/litre. Major cities like Chennai (55.07), Mumbai(55.88), Kolkata(54.29) and Delhi(50.56) pay much much less.

With the oil price in the international market going up, there was no other choice for the government but to increase the prices. What I cant digest is the double standards that the parties are having over the issue.

BJP and(UPDATE) The LEFT (they are ruling the state) is observing hartal in kerala. (no surprise there) They demand the central government to withdraw the prices. Kerala! only in Kerala. Update (also in West Bengal) Why are they not observing hartal 700Kms away in the state of Karnataka where they(BJP) are ruling now????? the funny thing is if the BJP was ruling the country, then the congress would have declared the hartal. HARTAL is a must in kerala.

Why cant the Karnataka state goverment cut the 64% tax on the base price of the petrol? The other cities like Chennai and Mumbai has a tax of only upto 40%. thats 24% more Mr CM, !!!!!!

The opposition are just making a huge fuss out of it in Kerala. The BJP in kerala is planning for blocking law abiding, poor citizens tomorrow. WHAT? Already we are burdened with the extra 5Rs on petrol, now you want to block our way too?????????????????????????

The last time I checked we were still a free country.


**I am not anti-any party, I am against double standards**

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<<Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? Mathew 7:3>>



  1. well Kerala is now becoming Hartals own Country ..:D
    the schools have reopened so they thought, its time to start the hartal n strike series again
    Btw.. i think there is a hartal in W.Bengal also 🙂

  2. In Karnataka we seem to have a cess on everything… (cesspool if you ask me)…

    Another suggestion is for all our Netas to reduce the number of cars they take out everytime they go on the road…

    One more thought.. looking at the assets declared by our politicians in the last election.. I am sure they can afford to buy their own petrol?

  3. Karnataka seems to have the highest taxes…I wonder who they think lives in Karnataka? The super rich or something?? I think the population of Karnataka is being taken for a ride…they perhaps do not know that they are the highest taxed state? Also about BJP’s double standards, not at all surprising. That’s politics for you!

  4. Rekha, hartal’s own country? haha, thats a good one. I forgot to mention that, yep in west Bengal too.
    Vijay, I was surprised at the amount of wealth ! if they have declared that much, imagine the actual wealth !!!!!!
    ppl living in karnataka is taken for a ride for sure. Only the politicians are the super rich in this city. If you would check how much they wealth they declared, we can never make that kinda money even if we live 10 lives.

  5. […] in his comment Xylene has mentioned that the price in Bangalore today is Rs 58.47!! Xylene has also written about the BJP is protesting the price hike in petrol and diesel in Kerala but not in Karnataka…a […]

  6. I agree with what you say. These are double standards. They actually don’t bother about who suffers the most. The only thing that they have to do is disagree with the government. And they do that at the place where the maximum impact can be made. I guess that might be higher in Kerala and hence strikes are done there. It’s always the same isn’t it? They think it’s their dharma to disagree. They don’t even bother to see if the government’s step is justified or not. Prices had to be hiked, the government didn’t have much of an option. I’m really sad that the left had to disagree with the Nuclear Deal. I think if that had been done, things might have improved. Of course I’m not talking about the fuel prices, but power-wise, things might have improved. I can see Dr. Manmohan Singh going down in the near future. Too much of discontent for his comfort levels.

  7. What did you expect.. our nation s ruled by hypocrites..

  8. Mr. Yeddy is the 25th CM of karnataka… So, is he a numerology guy, wanting to levy 25%tax on everything?? In any case, he’s a moron! Bah!! I am planning to sell my bike!! 😀

  9. ish,
    I guess anyone in the PM seat would have done the same thing ! its logical and the people are affected, but they are understanding. I have asked around people and everyone seems to be ok, not because they earn heavy salaries, but that this is logical.
    I dont know what the political ( ) are doing. They are protesting against whom?
    Balu, **sigh**
    Nikhil, thats a logic, now that India is in its 61st year, the petrol prices are close. 🙂

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  11. Nobody knows what the reality is and no one cares for that..they waited for the govt to hike the price so that they can blame them for the price hike and try getting some more votes.. they rule Kerala and Karnataka ( Left and BJP ) and they never did anything to control the price hike… according to a newspaper report… Keralites are loosing 55 lakh per day … waiting for the State finance mister’s announcement if he has some kind of sense left actually.. no hope on our CM.. he is just a rubber stamp

  12. Dinsan,
    sad but true.
    today BJP is blocking roads. wow ! way to go Mr Advani and gang.
    Left is on strike again in west Bengal, they rule there, they rule the centre… way to go !!!

  13. Karnataka people pay more taxes than any other state. Why should we double standards among states? I have reduced using my bike due to hike in petrol. 😦 BTW.. lol at “Hartals own country” quote

  14. yups the same newspaper that cribbed about fuel subsidy had front line news about inflation when the fuel prices were raised

  15. Harsha,
    I am using company transport.
    its all news for the papers. but for consumers is BAD NEWS!

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