Seat Belt

The law mandates that the two passengers who occupy the front seats has to wear a seat belt. Well its only a law, which is seldom enforced. I have seen many of the young in flashy cars wearing it. But the older generation never wear it. I guess it because they are not used to the seat belts in their time and consider it to be an irritant.

Seat belt has its on woes. Once I went home and took my dad’s 800 out. As a reflex I put on the seat belt everytime I enter a vehicle, or atleast my hands search for it. I put on the seat belt. After coming back I realized that I have a Slanting ‘L’ mark on my shirt. The seat belt was never used and dust was accumulating on it.  After that I gave the law a skip while using his old 800.

My office mandates that all employees and cab drivers wear seat belts when they exit from the building. The security folks make sure that all are strapped in. The minute the cab drive out of the building premises, the cab driver removes the seat belt in a easy fast motion. “Difficult hai” he said to me once. I stayed strapped in.

The cab driver at my wife’s company wouldn’t even bother to buckle. He will just pull the belt over his chest and drive with one hand. Once the car moves out of the building he just let go of the belt !

I recently had an argument with a relative of mine on using helmets and seat belts. His argument was that helmets and seat belts are an irritant. He went to the extent of saying that there is no use of getting a preserved head if the rest of your body got thrashed in an accident.

I guess there is no point in enforcing these laws. It should be what the people should be taking as precautions.

Consider this scenario, an Indian check the gas connection, check if the fan/bulbs are running, check if the iron is ON before locking his house. And then he pulls the ‘Godrej’ lock twice to see if it was locked right. Then he ride on his bike without a helmet. We cover all gadgets in cover/plastic. (check this post out) to protect it.

I guess we take many precautions to take care of our belongings than ourselves!

*Update : The relative I talked about is an advocate.


  1. 🙂 wherever there is a loop hole, we will find a way or at least a short cut….and still complain about something and break the rules while doing so….

    1. lol, that is true. Its also the easy way to hell. 🙂

  2. Once these people should be taken to the trauma ward and should be showed what happens when people don’t wear helmets / seat belts even with minor accidents.

    1. True, I have once been to a medical college general ward on 2-Jan some years back and I saw it all !!!! Most accidents on two wheelers due to drunken riding happen on 1-jan.

  3. I’m one of those people who find it difficult to ride with a helmet, but yes I’ll abode by the law in case I get a bike..but this chalta hai mentality is quite prevalent as far as rules are concerned in India. Someone should make a slasher movie in which someone goes around killing people who don’t try to protect themselves. Just to invoke fear, may be then people will take security a little more seriously

    1. Ever since I started using two wheelers, I have used helmet. I find it very useful, keeps the dust away and the rush of wind on your face, make the journey less tiring as well. Not to mention the force at which rain water would hit you if you dont have a helmet.
      Also keeps the flies and policemen away from you 😀

  4. very true example!

    1. 🙂 I find that as interesting. why do people do that? 🙂

  5. LOL 😛 I wear seat belt when we go for long the city, well where on earth are we even moving! 🙂 As for two wheelers , well they should learn to drive first!! wth? they and auto drivers(even worse) do not follow traffic rules at all…left to I might bang a couple of them, just to put sense in their head..

    1. Haha. In Blore you also find Policemen riding without helmets. So make sure you don’t bang the wrong rider 🙂
      True in case of autorickshaws.

    2. Not only in bangalore… even in ahmedabad and other cities in gujarat at least!!!

  6. I always found the seat belt, helmet etc uncomfortable, but I always wear it. Now the seat belt has become a reflex action although even now I hate it. I think people who don’t wear it simply do not realise that there is a risk. Also there is a tendency in India to defy rules. Thats because we are rarely punished if we do!!

  7. I do the same thing…as soon as i get in a car i impulsively put the seat belt on.

    And it horrifies me that young kids drive their bikes so recklessly, and never wear helmets. Why play with your (and others’) lives?

  8. @Sakhi, True. AutoRicks are the same everywhere.
    Yeah thats what we talk about everytime, Law enforcement. But then the sense of taking precautions should come from one self.

    Yes. It horrifies me as well.

  9. whats ur thot on exempting pillion riders from helmets. isnt their life worth or only the life of one who rides the vehicle only important?

  10. @Chelakand Poda,
    Yes I would recommend the pillion rider also to wear a helmet.
    Having said that, its always advisable to wear seatbelts when you are sitting on the back seat as well.

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